Notes on a Birthday:

David took my photo at 11 o’clock this morning. I’m standing beneath a paper “Happy Birthday” banner that I didn’t notice the first time I walked under it. My sweet pup Penny is jumping up to lick my face and I look happy and content. The morning sun is flattering, Penny and I look so natural together, like we’ve been practicing this slobbery kiss forever. … Continue reading Notes on a Birthday:

Introducing Myself to Strangers, Away From Home

My critic, my monster, is me. Or, rather, parts of me that I don’t invite around anymore. The part that still smokes or still hopes that any man around will take a liking to me. The part that spends too much money or throws my belongings around. The part that can’t fight off a nearing cold quick enough to avoid it altogether. And also the … Continue reading Introducing Myself to Strangers, Away From Home